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About us

Agia Pelagia is the natural backdrop to Irida, 4-star home to two properties with independent entrance rooms, both within walking distance of each other, yet far enough away to create a real sense of individuality and privacy.

IRIDA Hotel Apartments, on a hill overlooking the picturesque bay of Agia Pelagia and IRIDA Gardens (annex), private and stylish right opposite IRIDA Hotel Apartments are both splendid accommodation options. A destination for those who seek high-class services and facilities topped with pristine hospitality standards as well as health and safety protocols.

A place with a limited amount of rooms in large, uncrowded spaces where you can relax, rejuvenate, have fun, feel safe with those you love and create lasting memories. A second home filled with trust and safety procedures such as private transfer and room service to guarantee a comfortable vacation this summer.